Welcome to my personal online gallery and webblog!

I have never been particulary good in writing these “about” pages. Some people add a certain spark or life to it where mine seem to be rather dull.

Also: Be warned before you venture further: I am luxemburgian, german is my native- and english my third language. You might find that I tend to get some grammar wrong.

Adrien Asselborn

Me, Myself and I

I used to draw a lot during my teens. It was a neat distraction and I found it to be quite calming, however, I never concidered myself talented and therefore stopped creating traditional artwork for almost 2 years. I didn’t even scribble a smilie during that time but I kept up my hobby of 3D visual design.  Recent events have driven me to the conclusion that I’d like to hone my artistic skills so this blog was born. It is dedicated to me teaching myself how to paint and draw, then sharing the results. You can view this as my personal homepage if you like and if you otherwise know me from a non-art communtiy. I uploaded most of my early pieces aswell so a certain evolution in style and method can be seen. At least I hope there is one 😉

I paint with Acrylic colors, Colored Pencils, Not so colored Pencils, Charcoal, aquarelle, pastel and ink. I have been reluctant to do any oilpainting in the past as I usually got a dismissive reaction whenever I mentioned that I do the occasionally artwork, but not in oil. As if it is somehow lesser art if done in a less established medium. However, oilpainting is getting increasingly interesting for me and its just a matter of time until I start messing around with it.

If you happen to like my work please note that you can contact me about purchasing a piece.

Thanks for visiting



3 Responses to About

  1. J. Wolff says:

    Salut Adrien,

    Ech géng Dir eng Invitatioun schécken, bräicht eng Email-Adress.

    Bescht Gréiss

    Jean Wolff

  2. Aynar Artyn says:

    Hey, war gescht mam phillippe lanscht bei dengem stand, Fannen thematik fun denger konscht immens interessant, an sin selwer schon seit joeren fazineiert vun alles esoteresches. Hun selwer eng website op http://www.catharsiopa.com, schon eiweg net geupdate wirklech, mee kanns mol ranlussen. Ech hun puer interessant kenschtlerech ideen dei ech gaeren geing bessen mat kenschtlereschen leit och deelen 🙂 Abracadabra is hebrew for “I Create What I Speak* Art is the conduit and tool with which we play around with reality, The Magical Arts,bear that name not by accident, and we do spell words after all and are thought proper spelling. So what are spells but merely words? Drawings and Paintings are no different than words, they conjure and invoke new perceptions and ideas, and most of all they produce change. hermit.xiii@catharsiopa.com

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