2017 Back from a Hiatus

Start up from a solitary planet; again
but there’s a language that I never spoke
And it’s clogging up inside my throat
Electric connections
that were dormant now ingite
It’s like another part of sight
A second eyelid that was closed before
What did I say?
I never felt this way before
Is that what they say?
It’s a defect in my core

Those few souls following my gallery (thank you! :D) might have noticed that I did not upload any new artworks for quite some time now. The reason being that I didn’t feel like doing any traditional artwork. It wasn’t in me for quite some time. I suppose this happens to all creative people across the board. I was however working tirelessly on my digital pieces.

You can visit my current project here.

If you follow my 3D venture you likely also downloaded “[REDACTED – Hired Gun]” which recently saw a playable release.

Its always been the nature of this gallery to be somewhat detached from anything I do in other media because I noticed that acquaintances and friends of mine have shown interest in either one of these but rarely in both. I’ve also penned a short story I’ve been meaning to write for quite a few years now. It is strikingly mediocre but it felt liberating to write it.

I’d like to drop in a few impressions of my 3D work and then we proceed with new traditional artwork 🙂


Thank you for your visit! :)-Adrien


About serygala

Who really has time to think about a summary of himself on the internet? I like art, women, gamedesign and I love coffee. Everything else is too much information.
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