Erotic Artworks – Studies and Training

I have always been passionate about drawing women. It seemed that I had a knack for proportions and poses but I was completely unable to work with light or shading in my earlier work. I only picked up relevant techniques to shade a drawing recently and I am practicing it ever since. To me, women are the most beautiful beings that ever manifested in our reality and painting them brings me a lot of joy. Even though it does not show in these artworks, I find the most fascinating thing about a womans body are little imperfections. Swimsuit-models seem to be completely uninteresting to me while I long for little wrinkles, scars, girls that are a little too thin or a little too large. I am more than fed up with cold semiperfect covergirls and it baffles me just how many gorgeous young women are insecure or downright unstatisfied with their appearance. But then again, I seem to ramble. Here are some recent works for you to behold.

Lesbians Kissing by adrien asselborn

Title: Nothing is true – everything is permitted.
Crayons (2013)
Erotic artwork to decorate my hallway. Inspired by artistic-erotic-pornographic photography.
59*83 CM

Its far from perfect but I really like this piece as it is the largest of its kind I have made. Keeping the proportions and overview was a lot harder here.

by adrien asselborn

DinA3 Crayons 2013
Drawing of a playboy model for an otherwise bland spot in my room.
* []
Shading study


Black and white version. Edited in paintshop.
I like to play around on the computer with my drawings 😉

by adrien asselborn

Sketchy drawing of 2 lesbians.
I saw a stunningly intense piece of 2 girls getting down on each other that I had to make a drawing of it. DinA3 with Crayons


DINA3 Crayons 2013
made for practice purposes.

by adrien asselborn

a black and white version to serve as a painting in a videogame project.

Just testing my fathers camera and how good it takes supermacro pictures.
Crayons 2013. The whole picture is on DINA3 paper.

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Who really has time to think about a summary of himself on the internet? I like art, women, gamedesign and I love coffee. Everything else is too much information.
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